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Take off your shoes and STEP into YOUR Nia Practice.  

Who is Nia Diva  (aka Alice Francillon)

Nia Diva Reviews

“Alice is a ray of sunshine! Dancing Nia with her always brighten my day.”

Marybeth G

“Dancing with Alice is pure happiness and healing. She brings such a positive power and energy into her classes. She is a living inspiration to me.”

Sandra H

“Alice’s Nia classes breathes joy, wellness, dynamism, creativity, plenitude and serenity. She always makes me feel so special by her kindness.”

Muriel M.

“Alice is full of positive energy and shares it with everyone. Thank you for making me discover Nia!”

Zohra A

“J’attendais le cours suivant avec impatience tellement cela me faisait du bien. J’y pensais tout le temps et mon corps aussi. La découverte du Nia avec Alice comme professeur est une réussite. Merci!”

Rose F

“Nia with Alice is a rebirth at every class – She is brilliant. And going to Nia is also going to a safe place where I meet all my Nia girlfriends.”

Christine L

“Ballare con Alice significa danzare con la gioia, nel cuore significa ridere con il corpo. Vuol dire sono viva, sono bella e mi diverto. Alice rende unica e speciale ogni lezione!”

Tiziana J

“Alice is a marvelous teacher. She has so much joy to share. She is so gentle and kind. After few classes my tensions and stress were gone leaving room for wellness and lightness.”

Katia S

“Nia with Alice is Discovering, Sharing, Smiling, Dancing, Moving, Laughing, Not Judging ourselves, Learning, Trusting ourselves, Creating bubbles of Joy and sharing them with each other, Surprising ourselves, Spreading confetties of Love on us and on each other, Walking like Stars on the red carpet, accepting to feel fragile and learning how to feel strong, Savoring the Nia music, Sensing Wellness, Making new friends; and most of all Leaving the class with that sensation of being on Cloud 9 with the biggest smile.”

Elyane G

This site is owned and operated by Alice Francillon, a licensed Nia Technique Teacher Member.

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